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One thing I desperately miss about the corporate world is the sharp professional wardrobe. I know it may sound crazy but after wearing jeans and sweats almost everyday after becoming a mom, I can't help but miss the polished attire. A few weeks ago I shared my 5 Job Interviewing Tips with Vanity Fair and today I'm sharing my wardrobe essentials for the corporate office.


Let's start with the obvious, Comfortable Shoes:
Whether your sitting down or running around all day, it's vital to own comfortable shoes. I recommend nudes/beige pumps and black flats as they are the most versatile. I would stick to 2" heels or lower because anything higher and you'll be in pain by lunchtime.

When I worked in the office I had a strict dress code which is why most of my suggestions above are in neutral colors. I think you get the most wear out of neutral clothing and it's appropriate for a conservative office. I would definitely stick to your greys, browns and blacks but don't be scared to wear bold colors as long as you offset it with a neutral top.

Blazers and Cardigans:
Blazers are your best friends. They not only look professional but they can warm you up under the freezing air conditioning. Cardigans are great for throwing over a sleeveless top during the summer months.

Button Downs and Collared Tops:
Though blouses can seem a bit boring, there are so many ways you can make them fashionable by adding little details such as a bow tie or a brooch. My favorite is the preppy look by wearing a button down collar shirt under a sweater.

Sturdy Handbag:
If you're bringing home work or need room for a laptop, I suggest a large shoulder tote or a backpack. I would also recommend packing a small clutch or cross body for you to take along when you don't want to lug your big bag around during lunch or off campus meetings. If you have a strict dress code like I did, accessories are the best way to have fun with your outfit. I love wearing all black and carrying a bright colored bag as my pop.

And lastly for your casual friday. A comfortable pair of jeans:
I never had the pleasure of having causal Fridays but if I did, I would opt for a nice pair of ankle length skinny jeans. Jeans and flats would be perfect for the office and then you can throw on some heels for happy hour. Just remember to to wear your appropriate size and please do NOT wear jeggings to the office!


No office outfit would be completed without the help of undergarments. It is so importable to wear the right size so that you're comfortable regardless of what you're doing. The Vanity Fair website has very helpful tips to ensure you are wearing your correct bra size. My favorite and most helpful tip is called the "Two Finger Strap Test".



This wraps up my collaboration with Vanity Fair. I really hope you enjoyed my posts (here and here). I sincerely loved meeting the women behind the brand while learning about the importance of a good bra. Vanity Fair offers so many different styles with different purposes to serve each customer. Whether you're looking for comfort, flattering shape or a cooler texture, I strongly encourage you to check out one of their locations to review their line and get a size check. Also don't forget to check out their promotional calendar for their BOGOGO sale where if you BUY ONE, you will GET ONE and then they will GIVE one to a woman in need with their 'Dress For Success' partnership.

In partnership with Vanity Fair


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