2017 New Years Skincare Goals!


I need to be better about taking care of my skin. I swear it's a struggle because I just want to crawl into bed after I wash up at night. But, my youthful days are long gone and I must care for my skin more than after. Here are a few goals I have set for myself for the new year!


I have noticed that on days where I'm out in the sun for more than 2 hours, my face feels hotter than normal. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my skin getting thinner as I age (sad face!) EVERYDAY, I apply sunscreen and wear hats but it doesn't prevent the heat from getting to my skin! Cooling your skin after a day out in the sun is very important because the heat can damage and age your skin!

2017, I'm going to be better about applying aloe to my skin after sun exposure!

This aloe vera gel by Nature Republic is VERY popular in South Korea. I have a few tubs of this and I absolutely love how it cools my skin down!


If you've been following me for a while then you know how much I LOVE this CURE Aqua Gel. It's a Japanese product and is seriously a miracle gel! It exfoliates your skin really well! You will be amazed at the dead skin cells peeling off your face after applying this to your clean face!

I've been really lazy about exfoliating lately so in 2017, I will commit to exfoliating twice a week!


Massaging your skin is really good for blood circulation which helps with aging and elasticity. Of all my skincare regime, massaging my face is where I fall short the most because it's such a chore for me. I used to get luxurious facials once a month but that went out the window after I had Rylie so I need to commit to doing it myself at home!

In 2017, I'm going to give myself a face massage at least once a week!

I have been loving this cleansing balm by Clinique! It's suppose to wipe away all of your make up but that's not how I use it. I clean my face and then apply the balm and massage my face for about 5-10 minutes. The balm is oily and easy to rub on your skin. I rinse and wash my face again and then proceed to my normal nighttime skincare routine.


I'm all about misting my face! I like adding moisture to my skin during the day to ensure it's hydrated! Even though I already do this I'm still going to make it a goal for me to continue doing each day!

I have been loving this First Essence mist by Missha. I don't use water mists because they can dry out your skin.


Lastly, I shall not neglect my lips!
I have a nasty habit of picking the skin of my lips which usually happens when they're dry...
Night time is normally when your skin and lips are the most dry and sometimes I forget to apply my lip balm before I sleep.

2017, I WILL apply my lip balm every night!

Dior Rose lip balm is my holy grail. I have NOT found a better lip balm than this one. It's is the best at moisturizing your lips all through the night! Tip: if you're a first time user, you must push down on the balm to get the creamy part of the balm (don't just apply from the top layer of the balm).


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aloe vera gel // cleansing balm // exfolliating gel // face mist // lip balm

And lastly on my 2017 Skincare Goal List, I will try to sleep on my back!
This one is incredibly tough because I'm a side sleeper but sleeping on your side/face can cause wrinkles! I've been trying to make this a habit but it's so hard! I cringe every time I give up trying to sleep on my back and roll onto my side! *sigh! I will TRY!


A few other skincare rules I live by:

- Do NOT wash your face with hot water. This will cause dryness which will lead to aging. Always wash with luke warm water.
- Never rub your face when washing. Massage gently in an upward motion.
- Never rub your face when drying. Gently pat with a towel.

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