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If you've been following me for a while then you know how much I love taking photos and am always inspired by different types of photography. Today I wanted to share a few gift ideas for the social media photographer in your life.

Tech Case - This case is so nice to pack extra battery packs, lenses and wires. Oh and I really like that it's pink (of course there are other colors).

Wireless Remote - I got this remote years ago and it's great! It hooks up to your call phone's bluetooth so you can take photos of yourself instead of using the camera timer. It's really easy to use!

Cell Phone Tripod - If you're going to use the wireless remote, I definitely recommend getting a little tripod for your phone as well. It can be difficult setting up your camera without one.

Phone Lens - Ok, this is for the hardcore social media photographer. You can clip these lenses onto your phone for different effects. I don't own this but it's on my christmas wish list for Santa.

Battery Pack - This is a given! If you take a lot of photos you are bound to drown your battery life.

Wire Organizer - These little cute clips will help keep all of your wires tidy and organized.

DSLR Remote - I love this remote. Even though my husband take a majority of my photos, sometimes he's not around so I need to use my camera tripod and remote. I have owned this remote for the last 4 years and it works really well with my DSLR.

DSLR Tripod - Along with my remote, I own this tripod. This tripod isn't the top quality but it does what it says and is sturdy enough for my needs. It works well on concrete and on carpet.

iPhone Photo Printer - This one is also on my wish list. A portable photo printer for all of the photos stored up on your phone!

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